Sunday, November 18, 2007

And More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And More Characters

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meeting the Characters

Here are some cute pics of Ethan & Pres meeting their favorite characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Videos from the Trip

Here are two videos I took on the trip. Sorry about the Mickey one I couldn't figure how to rotate the video!!!!

4th Day

So I took the kids on two differnt boat rides out to Disneys Campground. There they had pony rides and a very large playground for the kids.

Mickey Hats

Yes it is probably corny but we all bought Mickey Hats. Ethan and Presley had theirs embroidered.

Day Three

Lollipops that the kids picked out at Downtown Disney! They were huge!

These Dogs and people were made out of Lego's. It was really neat!!!

Pat went to his conference today so I took the kids to Downtown Disney. It was a little hectic but we still had a great day. Later that night Pat bought us tickets to see Mickey's Very Merry Christmas which the park stays open late, Santa arrives, and Snow falls on Main Street and they had an awesome X-mas parade. There was hardly any lines for the rides so we ran on all of them. Pat and I told a little white lie to the kids saying we each had to go to the bathroom so we could take turns going on Thunder Mountain since there was no line.

Day Two Disney World

So our 2nd Day @ Disney we started our day off at MGM which we were a little bit disappointed in so we stayed an hour (just because there wasn't too much for the toddlers to do there) then headed to Epot for the rest of the afternoon.The best part about Epcot for the kids they had this Character Connection buliding and the kids where able to meet Mickey, Minnie, Chip & Dale, Goofey and Pluto. (I will show all the character pictures in a bit) We stayed at Epcot for probably 5 Hours and then we headed back to the Magic Kingdom where we stayed until midnight. Wow the kids where really tired but they had soooo much fun.

The Magic Kingdom

So after our character breakfast we headed to The Magic Kingdom. The kids had so much fun. They loved all the rides. Ethan's favorites were Dumbo, Pirates of the Carribean and Peter Pan. Presley really enjoyed It's a Small World and Peter Pan. We went on all the rides except the three big ones (Splash,Thunder and Space Mountain). The kids were so exhausted by the end of the day.

Charecter Breakfast

Our first morning and we did a characters breakfast. Ethan was so excited to see Mickey and Pluto. Presley was excited but a little nervous when the characters came to our table. They both weren't to sure about Stitch! Pat was excited to see Pluto too!

Are we there yet????

Early Friday morning we headed off to Florida to Walt Disney World. Ethan and Presley both did really well on the planes. Ethan slept from Seattle to Houston. When we arrived in Houston he asked if we were at Mickey's house yet. Nope not yet! The plane ride from Houston to Florida Presley slept. Finally at 5:30 we arrived!!!!! Here they are looking out the plane window to see if they can see Mickey's house.