Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day at Grandpa & Grandma G

Christmas afternoon was spent up at Grandpa & Grandma G's house. The kids had so much fun with their cousins. Grandpa and Grandma got each grandchild a costume. Ethan was Captin Hook which he had loved and Presley recieved a Tinker Bell costume. Presley wasn't so sure about her's I think that it might have been a bit itchy.

Christmas Morning!

Wow, has anyone ever heard of the parents having to wake the kids up because Santa had come. Ethan and Presley were so tired from the night before we finally had to wake them up at 8:30. Santa was very good to us this year. We must have been extra good!!! Santa brought Ethan a Black & Decker work bench with lots of tools and Presley got a pink retro kitchen set. Presley has some serious bed head going on!!!!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent at our house this year. Papa, NoNo and our dear friend Pauline joined us. We went to the Children's Mass out at St. Barbara's, on the way out Ethan didn't let us forget that it was Baby Jesus's Birthday!!! I am so proud! Then we came back home and had a nice dinner and opened up packages. Ethan was very cute, he would say "oh my gosh look at what I got!" Presley was so happy with the first gift she opened, a Disney Princess Tea Set. She opened her other gifts but always went back to that tea set.

Presley's version of Jingle Bells

This is Presley's version of Jingle Bells. She really loves the "Hey" part! She sure didn't like it when Dad tried to join in on the singing!

Breakfast with Santa

A couple of weeks ago Papa, Nono (Grandma & Grandpa Woodruff), Pat and the kids went to the Rainforest Cafe for a breakfast with Santa. Kids were really excited to see Santa when he came around to the tables. Presley was much happier that she didn't have to sit on his lap!