Monday, March 16, 2009


Pat and I watched this movie last night and I highly recommend it! If you have a great marriage or your marriage is on the rocks it is a great movie to watch! The acting isn't the best but there is so many great messages! You will defiantly look at marriage and life differently!

A boring Wall

OK so here is a really boring wall right when you walk into our house. About a year ago we had my friend Jenny take professional pictures of us on the beach. Well I have finally got around to getting all of our pictures matted and framed!
No more boring wall stay tuned to see what we did!


I always catch Presley off doing something mischievous. A couple of days ago she got into my handbag and decided she wanted LIPS on! She looked like such a clown!!! It totally made me laugh and so I couldn't be mad at her.