Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back to Reality!

Returning home from Paradise we walked into our house, funky smells coming from the rec room and squish squish below our feet! That's right folks our house flooded while we were playing at the beach and sipping mai tai's at the pool!
Flood and Fire Damage people came out on Monday to see the damage and said that once they got a claim number from insurance they would get to work right away!  Next day they were back out! Ripping out drywall, removing carpet, and ripping apart the bathroom in which we were almost finished remodeling! So sad and frustrating! Sounds like the clean up crew will be in and out of our house for the next week!
Contractor and Insurance Adjuster stopped by this morning! I have to stay that our insurance has been wonderful and have acted fast on the situation! Today I am so thankful that we have insurance and that everything will be taken care of!
In the mean time looks like I will be taking dirty laundry up to Mom & Dad's!(brings back memories of college!) And while juggling getting the kids here and there I am having to hang around while workers are coming and going from our home! Hopefully the house will be back together in 2-3 weeks! Let's hope!

It's Baseball time Again!

It's that time of the year again! Actually one of my favorite times of the year! When the kids are busy, busy with sports! This year Presley is also playing T-ball with Ethan! She is the only little girl on the team and let me tell you she can hold her own! Most of the kids are being coach pitch to and Presley and Ethan both had some good hits when pitched to by the coach! They both love t-ball and momma loves that they are active and it burns some of their energy off!

Happy 46th Birthday to Pat!

Happy 46th Birthday to Pat! It was a very busy day! The kids had a their first baseball game that morning then we came home got ready and headed over to Presley's best-friends birthday! After that we came home and relaxed before heading out to birthday dinner with my family! We took Pat to "Tokyo's!" It's beginning to be one of our favorite places to eat! It's close and the food is wonderful and it's fun entertainment!
Well I don't think Pat looks over a day of 30! And he sure doesn't act like it! (I mean this in a good way!)

Vacation-Maui May 2011

The awesome pirate kiddie pool

Fun playing on the sandy beach

Bubba Gumps for dinner


playing in the ocean!

We spent five wonderful days on the Island of Maui! It was absolutely wonderful! I wish I could tell you that we did all these wonderful excursions but the truth is, is that we relaxed by the pool and the beach everyday and only left the resort when it was time for dinner or well a trip in the morning to Starbucks! (Yes we are from Seattle and have to have our Starbucks DAILY!) I think this type of vacation was just what we needed! Some major relaxation!

We stayed at the Westin Resort and Villas in Ka'napalli! It was absolutely the most beautiful place to stay! We had a one bedroom Condo with a full kitchen! We did most breakfast and lunch and our place and then ate out for dinner!

I was alittle worried how the kids would do in Maui! We usually vacation in Florida at Disney and I wasn't sure how they would do with so much Chill time! They did great! I think I have two beach bum/water babies! All they wanted to do was play in one of the four pools or hit the beach! Our hotel had many activities for kids and adults! Presley won a Hula Hooping Contest and Pat and Ethan won a water balloon toss! So much fun! Can't wait to return!