Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beautiful Hydrangeas/Garden

Pole Beans are really starting to take off
Tomatoes doing a little better now that we are getting a bit of sun

Corn is doing awesome! So excited

The artichoke is the come back kid! A slug had got a hold of it and we almost pulled it out. But there was one little stem and we thought we would just leave it in. As soon as we put some slug bait around it, it's been thriving!

Lettuce! Already we can reap the rewards of having a garden!

Our Hydrangeas are in full bloom in our backyard! These are such beautiful flowers! I just love them! This will probably be our last year of having them since we are re-doing our backyard! I am hoping that my mom will take the two large plants that we have! Unfortunately I don't have any room for them in the front yard!

Presley & Toby

Meet Presley's new friend Toby! Harry got a hold of her special Polar Bear that was given to her by Uncle Mark and Aunt Elaine. Presley was pretty upset. So today at Target we told her she could pick up a new stuff animal! She just had to pick up the biggest animal there!
She has been playing with him all day. When I went up to her room this afternoon she had him on her big chair covered in blankets and was reading him a story! So sweet. I just had to capture some pictures of her new special friend!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Canoe Riding & Picnic On Lake Tapps

Lunch time Visitors!

Getting ready to go out on the Bailly's canoe

Such cuties out there!
Love this one of my two boys!

Presley out swimming!

What a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon. We met the Bailly's up at Lake Tapps for a picnic and Canoe ride! The kids had so much fun playing in the water and pestering the ducks that wanted to pester us! It was a overcast day but warm enough that the kids didn't mind being in the cold water.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Presley's Tap Recital!

Presley and her best friend Emma!
Always posing for the camera

Last night was Presley's end of the year Tap Recital! All the kids looked so cute! Presley's class danced to a fast version of "It's A Small World". We were so proud of her. She just loves to dance. So we will start back up in the fall with more dance lessons!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

School Is Out For Summer!

Yeah! School is finally out for both kids for the summer! We picked up Ethan today and headed to McDonald's with a friend from school and then headed over to Ben & Jerry's! (we won't count all the calories I ate today!)
It is going to be so nice to be able to wake up at our own leisure and get ready in the mornings! I am so looking forward to sleeping in! If Presley will allow us! She is the early riser of the family.
We have a packed summer so far! Can't wait for trips to the cabin, camping and visiting my sister and her family in Eastern Washington!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Present

I really wanted to do something special for Pat for Father's Day so I bought stuff to make stepping stones for our garden! I knew that it would take a few days for it to dry so I asked if we could do it at my parents house so Pat wouldn't see it, and I am so glad that we did. It ended up being a little harder than I thought it was going to be, and it was nice to have dad's help. (Though it took me back to my school days were my dad liked to take over and do the whole entire project!!!) The kit didn't come with a lot just the mold, sand, a Popsicle stick and a paint stir stick. My dad broke out all the cement tools and made them perfect!
They turned out really nice and Pat was so excited about them! And the kids had fun and did a great job! Thanks Dad & Papa for all your help!
Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ethan's Early School Celebration

Ethan passing out treats

The brownie treats I made were a huge hit. Check out my other blog for the recipe.


Do I have something in my teeth?!?!?!?!

Ethan, Mrs. Goodchild and the Ant farm

Since Ethan has an August Birthday they celebrated his b-day in class before summer break starts! He has had such a great year in Pre-Kindergarten! Hard to believe that next year he will be in Pre-First! We have been blessed with such a wonderful teacher this year! Ethan has just loved having Mrs. Goodchild!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Backyard/Gardening Weekly Update

I've decided that I will do a blog update on the backyard project and gardening weekly! It will kind of also act as a gardening journal for next year! :) Still lots of work that needs to be done but here is what we have done so far...

So in this picture above we are taking the cinder blocks and moving them back. Pat is building sort of a retaining wall and then we will level out the dirt and extend the grass out! I am hoping soon that the big tree in the corner will be gone!
Our garden is doing great the snap peas have tripled in size since my last blog post. The pole beans have sprouted and the basil is thriving! (Can't wait to make capresse salad!)
Notice the slug bait? Yes with all the rain the slimy creatures are out and trying to eat my garden!

Another picture of the Snap Peas

Our poor tomatoes! Not doing so well since we have had soooooo much rain. We do have a few blooms on the plants so I am hoping that with our nice weather we are supposed to have this week it will help them out and maybe they will start to look a little more healthy!

Corn! Woohoo! This is our first year of corn. I think for sure like the saying goes "knee high by the fourth of July" will happen! Ethan and Presley are so excited about the corn and they have to make sure every day that our corn is growing!