Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Elfing Around!

Writing on mirrors with Lipstick!

Mickey showed up under our 2nd tree with presents wrapped!

Stuck under a water glass

Roasting Marshmallows in the kitchen!
Just a few more days for the Elf to Elf around! Let's just say he is a pretty sneaky elf! The kids love to wake up every morning and see what he has done! Good thing there is a few days left! This mommy is running out of ideas for this elf to do! Ha, Ha!
The excitement is definitely building in our house getting ready for the big day!

Ethan & Presley do the Nutcracker

I love this precious video of Ethan dancing the nutcracker with his sister. He made me promise I wouldn't post in on Facebook but I didn't promise that I wouldn't post it on our family blog! I love videos like this and I know that one day he will probably cherish or hate me for posting this. But I think it's just to sweet!
They were watching a old version of the nutcracker and being partners! So cute!

Friday, December 16, 2011

We've been Elf''d

Mickey TP'd our Christmas Tree and wrote Merry Christmas on the toilet paper

Taking a bubble bath in barbies bath tub!

Removed our stockings and placed our underwear on the mantle!

Made a snow angel on the counter

All tangled up in the lights!

We have a naughty little elf in our house! Here are the pictures from the first 5 days of December! The kids think it's hilarious. Last year when Mickey came he just moved around from spot to spot! This year he moves from spot to spot but is also causes mischief!