Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vote for Princess Presley

Hi All,
We have entered our little Princess in a Disney Princess Contest! Please log on at vote for her now so that we might be able to win a trip to Walt Disne World!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Presley and a Pony

Ethan and Presley were invited to a pony b-day party a couple of weeks ago! Ethan was a little hesitant to get on and ride the horse which I was really surprised since they love horses and have rode many of them. Presley on the other hand didn't want to get off the horse. She probably rode the horse 5 or 6 times. she wanted to brush it and pet it and give the pony kisses!
Ethan did enjoy chasing all the girls around and playing in the bouncy house!


Well Both kids are currently in sports so my life has just got more hectic! Between school, MOPS, bible Study we now have Ballet & Soccer! It has been fun watching both kids start things that they enjoy! I was a little worried that Presley wasn't going to care for Ballet but she loved it, every minute of it. She looked adorable in her little outfit!

Ethan started soccer on Wednesday and all ready has his first game on Saturday! He told me that he loved soccer! It's nice to because its his same t-ball team but one new player who is one of Ethan's best friends Jonah!

Here are some pictures I got of the kiddos!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Loved this sign at the Hard Rock Hotel

Pat and I dinner @ the Paris Hotel

Gotta love M & M's!

Yikes this lady was scary! This was in Downtown Las Vegas!

The biggest slot machine I have ever played!

Jenni and I at Caesars
Jenni and I had fun at the Mirage dancing in front of the Beatles LOVE Circus de Soleil
Jenni and her husband went and saw the show and they absolutely loved it!
Our Hotel and one of my favorite places to stay the WYNN

Jenni and I lunch at the WYNN
Pat and I lunch at the WYNN

In August Pat and I and our good friends Jenni & Peter headed down to Vegas for two nights! We had a blast! Our first day we did alot of walking stopping every once and a while to gamble and get a drink or get some food! Saturday Jenni and I spent the morning at the spa getting massages and have some Mommy time! after our massages we met up with the guys and had lunch and headed to Downtown Vegas! None of us had every been. Let's just say I have seen it and I probably would never go back to the old downtown! It was pretty dirty and old!
Saturday night Jenni and Peter went and saw the Beatle show and Pat and I walked just about the whole strip! We had dinner at the Paris hotel at 10:00 at night and then we headed to the M& M store to pick some stuff up for the kids! When Jenni and Peter were done with the show we hoped a cab and met them at the Hard Rock Hotel! We had such a blast there. Jenni was on one machine for almost three hours never having to put more money in. We made friends with some guy that bought us drinks and Peter a massage at the Black Jack table! Our night didn't end until 6:00 in the morning! I am not sure I have ever pulled an all-nighter! And then we left at 10:00 that morning! It was a great trip! Can't wait tell our next get away!

Back To School!

Today is sort of a bittersweet day! Both kids are in school now! Ethan is enjoying school. He goes three days a week full day and Presley goes two days a week for two hours! It's seems like just yesterday they were both babies! Today was the first day I cried after dropping Presley off at school! It's weird not having either one of them with me! Though I am excited for both of them, I am sure going to miss my days with them! We had a great summer full of fun vacations, play dates, and outings so now that they are both in school I should have time to catch up on all the blogging from the summer!

Monday, August 3, 2009

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stamping Website

Hi All,
Well I have officially joined Stampin Up and I am enjoying it so much!
I am going to start posting my cards on my stamping blog. I hope that you will check it out!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Lincoln City Oregon!

The kids were so excited to get out to the beach. Our hotel was right on the beach and each room was an Ocean View which was really nice! We spent three night here! We had fun building sand castles, flying kites, jumping in sand ditches and running from the waves!

The path way walking down to the beach

I love the black in whites at the ocean!
I love this picture of my family! So sweet!

here Ethan is writing his Girl-friend Ava's name in the sand! The other day I printed the picture and took it to Ava's mom. She said I am going to keep this forever and use it someday for their wedding announcement!

Attack of the Seagulls! They were fighting over a lunchable that someone had left on the beach!

Presley and I digging!

A huge hole that we found. Later we decided to have long jumps in it! Such dorks

The little Travelers

Here is a picture of my two cute travelers. All I can say is Thank God for the TV DVD in the car!
The kids enjoyed watching movies on the way to Oregon!

Our first night we stayed in Mcminnville. It is just South Of Portland! We had dinner and then we hit the WoodBurn Outlet Mall! I love Oregon. Tax FREE! There are many great stores there and we did some school shopping for the kids!

Next morning we headed for Lincoln City to the Beach! First time the kids had been to a real beach with soft sand!

Lowest Tide of the Year

Pat's parents came down and we met my Dad down at Salt Water State Park for the lowest tide of the year! The kids loved playing out at the beach! We turned over many rocks looking for crabs and other animals. We spent time looking for sea shells and then had a picnic with the grandparents. It was a beautiful day out! After a morning at the beach we then got in the car and drove to Oregon for a three day Vacation. Pictures to follow!
Ethan & Presley with Grandma G
Love Presley's hair blowing in the wind!

Ethan playing on the rocks
I love this one!
they were pretending to surf!

Such a cool little fort that someone built

We found alittle friend. Ethan was very brave to hold it! Presley isn't so into bugs!

Monday, June 8, 2009

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Monday, June 1, 2009

DisneyLand Day 2

All twelve of us meeting Fantasia Mickey in his house!
The Von Trapps(this is what we called all of the kids on our trip)

Presley and her bf Emma
Cruella and her litter of puppies!

Bert from Mary Poppins! I love how Presley is trying to pose like him!
meeting the Disney Characters
Day two was another great day! The kids got many of the Disney Character's autographs and we went on many rides. We went back to the hotel and 6 and let the kids swim in the pool for about an hour and then we got ready and headed to Downtown Disney for dinner. It was very funny because the kids were dropping off like flies at dinner even before the meals came. By the time we were done with dinner only the two big kids were awake! Needless to say it was a long walk back even though our hotel was right across the street from DL.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DisneyLand Day 1

Waiting in line for the Haunted Manson

Presley driving on Autotopia
Ethan receiving his driver's license on Autotopia

Presley and I on the Small World ride.

Pat by himself on Alice and Wonderland. What a sport!:)

Ethan & Parker on Alison & Wonderland ride

Well I guess we can say that we are a pretty hard core Disney family since this is our fourth trip in two years to Disneyland and Disney World! What can I say we just love it! We spent four wonderful days down in Disneyland with two other families! It was such a blast and the kids had a great time traveling with their friends. I thought it would be a little crazy traveling with 6 kids and 6 adults but it wasn't at all; it went very smoothly! I see more trips in the near future with this bunch. Maybe next trip Vegas for the adults!!:)
More photos tomorrow!