Monday, April 27, 2009

Tulip Fields

My Friend Jenni and I

I loved this picture!

Ethan being silly as usual!

running through the tulip fields

We were working with Jonah to give Presley this flower but she didn't want to take it!

I took this picture of Ethan because he just finished learning about Native Americans and totem poles at school. He thought that was really neat seeing a real one!

Yesterday afternoon the Huang family and us headed up to La Conner to visit the tulip fields. It was a gorgeous day. It was really the first weekend of the festival and it was soooooo busy! Traffic was horrible. We stopped at two of the fields and took many pictures. Hard to get the kids to stand still they just wanted to run a muck!
After visiting the fields we headed to main street of La Conner had lunch and walked around for a short while. We then decided to head to Marysville and do some shopping at the Seattle Premium Outlets. It was such a fun day! The kids were exhausted by the end of the day we got home about 8:00.

Emma's b-day party

I thought this picture was so cute of Presley
Presley and her best-friend Emma

Bubbles the clown placing a real mouse by Presley's ear!

Bubbles the clown!
The kids had a blast at Emma's party. Bubbles the clown came and she was hilarious!
It was a perfect day and the party was outside. Happy 4th B-day Emma!

Castle Cake

Presley is becoming quite the little helper! She insist on putting on her apron and helping!
Another cake that I made. Was supposed to be a castle cake. I think it turned out to be the Candy Land Castle cake. I think I over did it again with too much stuff on it. So It didn't turn out as good as I was hoping but it sure tasted good!

Bunny Cake

So I have been on a cake kick lately! I made this cake for my friend's Easter egg hunt. I think it turned out pretty cute. All the kids were very excited about it! So the mouth was used with half an Oreo cookie and Pez candies. The nose was used with a large jelly bean and the whiskers were used with black licorice ropes. The eyes were also half of an Oreo Cookie and Jelly beans. And lastly the grass was coconut with green food coloring added to it.
Can't wait for the next holiday!

Two Easter Egg Hunts

This year Ethan and Presley participated in two different Easter Egg hunts! One was with one of my MOPS group that a friend had organized and the other was the Lakeland Hill Easter egg Hunt. This was the first year that we participated in the Lakeland one. It was crazy how many people were there. I am glad that we were in town this year and that the kids could be apart of it.

Easter Time

Ethan & Presley look forward to Easter egg dying every year! Presley was super funny this year. Every time she would drop and egg she would say look Mom it's hatching! We had Pat's parents down and Papa & NoNo down. It has sort of turned into a tradition to have the grandparents down when we do the eggs! Ethan is still asking if it is Easter time!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This was Ethan's first week of T-ball. Pat and I were amazed at how well he did. He loved every minute of it! For only one practice and these pictures were from the first game he really has it down. He can tell you pretty much anything about it. Where to go once you hit the ball and he will be happy to tell you all the base names! I think we might have a pro in our future!!!
He will be playing for the next 6 weeks with a game every Saturday. It is so fun seeing our little guy enjoy something so much. Looking forward to our next 5 Saturdays at the ball-field!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Presley's Three Today

Can't believe that today my little girl is three years old!!! Today we went up to Bellevue and had lunch at Red Robin and then went to the Children's Museum. She seems so grown up!
Presley was very excited about the Cinderella cake that I made. She said WOW MOM! It tasted great but I wasn't that happy with how it turned out. I will have to keep practicing. Maybe I should take a cake decorating class! The little b-day princess is all tuckered out and in bed! She is partied out for the day!

Field Trip to the Children's Museum in Tacoma

Ethan had a field trip last week at the Children's Museum in Tacoma. Ethan had a lot of fun playing with is classmates and his sister was always right by his side. They had a really great Art room with crafts which both kids were all over!
Presley is so looking forward to going to Preschool next year!

Building a Totem Pole

Working at a light table tracing
In a Canoe