Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Gathering in Kenniwick

The whole family

My cousin Nicole, Ethan and Nicole's baby Preston
The Woodruff Family
All Second Cousins
All the first cousins
My Dad Harvey and his sister Marlys
Pat and I enjoying the weekend

Presley wanted every floaty and water guns to be in the pool.
Pat and Ethan swimming


Ethan & Pres in the bouncy house
Pat and our Nephew Logan
NoNo & my nephew Tyler.
Pat relaxing!

This last weekend we had a family gathering in Kenniwick Washington. My cousin Carolyn and her family are moving back east for a year so my whole family (dad's side) were together. All the cousins and especially the second cousins enjoyed swimming in there pool. A bouncy toy was set up for the kids, and the adults sat around and visited. Thank you Carolyn and family for hosting such a beautiful weekend!

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