Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight we had both grandparents down for dinner and Pumpkin carving. The kids were so excited and both did an excellent job. We had so much fun. We have a few more pumpkins to carve out in the next few days. My pumpkin didn't turn out quite how I wanted to so I will try again. I spray painted my pumpkin black and then I try to do a skull. Next time I will carve first and before I punch the pumpkin through the holes I will spray paint. It was to hard trying to find the holes that I punched in. That's ok. I will show you what I ended up doing below. I didn't want to waste the pumpkin.

Dinner was great! Pat made a homemade chili, we had beer bread, salad and I made a apple crisp. I love this time of year!!

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