Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Presley's head!

Ouch! Presley had to have 7 stitches in her forehead. We were at a friends house Monday night and she was chasing the boys around the house and she slipped on the hardwoods and ran right into the wall. We thought she was ok. It had stopped bleeding after about 5 minutes and she was chasing the boys again. That night after she feel asleep I was able to get a band aid on her and some medicine. The next morning we had MOPS and some of the ladies asked what had happened. They asked if she had to get stitches I was like no she is fine. And they said you might want to take her in. Well that afternoon I had a flu shot appointment, so I called the pediatrician to see if I could have him take a look at her head. They got me in and we were there for two hours. Her pediatrician ended up sending me to Children's hospital. They had to re-open the gash since it was already starting to heal and place the stitches. After 4 hours at the children's hospital we were ready to go home. Presley and I were so exhausted. I feel like the worst mom that we didn't take her in sooner. Hopefully she won't have to have any more stitches in the future! But she is a little trooper!

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