Friday, October 15, 2010

Taking care of Pets!

Taking care of Pets can be alot of work! I usually try to take Harrison in and have groomed 1-2 a month, and a couple times a month I also give him a bath at home! Today he got into some mud in the backyard so Presley said, "Mom let's give Harry a bath!"  So we did. She has taken on many responsibilities of having a dog. Presley loves animals! 
So now we have a clean, good smelling dog! Wonder how long that will last? And Presley was able to help out and give Harry a bath, blow dry him and then brush him!

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Meliski said...

These pictures are adorable! Poor drippy Harry. But, a clean dog is worth the effort! Wanna come over and try that with Cooper? Yeah, probably not...