Sunday, March 20, 2011

What will consume us for the next couple of months?


                                                                        Before fixtures!
Before Walls!  Sorry the pictures aren't very good I have a super zoom Len's on my camera right now!

First project up is re-modeling our downstairs bathroom/laundry room!  What was here before and now? We had stripped wall paper above the wainscoting.  I loved the wall paper but it seemed to be lifting so it was time to remove it! I started doing this about 6 months ago! I started the project before Pat came home from work! He was surprised when he came home!  And then I let it sit because of lack of motivation! That's bad! So know I am at it again in full vegance and it's going to get done!!!!
So what do we plan to do?  We have started painting an eggshell white. We will be painting the wainscoting Black. I've purchased a new mirror (a medicine cabinet was there before) we have also purchased a new light fixture since we are switching everything over to brushed silver and new hardware! So exciting. Hoping that the bathroom will maybe be done by next week!
The laundry room will be repainted as well. I am taking the shelving down that's above the washer and dryer and adding new black wood shelving and adding baskets for laundry products. I am going to see if my friend will add vinyl to one of the wall with a laundry "saying" and we will be adding a black chandelier. I will post pictures when we are finished so stay tuned!
Next up the flooring!

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