Friday, September 26, 2008

First Field Trip

Here the kids are looking at a Ultra sound. I believe they said that it was a lab. The lady explained that all the lines were the spines . This lab was caring 12 puppies!
This dog was going through some kind of therapy, he was in tub of water that had a treadmill on the bottom. The kids were able to watch him do his exercises. This was very neat and interesting!
What a cute puppy! 10 weeks old. Wish we could have taken it home! Ethan loved it!

Today was Ethan's first Field trip. We visited a local vet. We had such a great time. A bit crazy for me. Besides having Ethan, I had Presley, Leo & a neighbor kid. Luckily I got a hold of my dad and he came with me on the field trip so I would have a few extra hands.

After visiting the vet they headed over to a park to play and have a snack. We have had a very busy week and I am looking forward to laying low this weekend.

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