Monday, September 1, 2008

Kids Day @ Emerald Downs

Today we spent the day at Emerald Downs. They had a kids day today. Ethan and Presley were so excited to be able to go on Pony rides and spend time playing on a bouncy slide. We stayed and watched three horses races. That was very exciting!. When we were leaving they were about to start another race and we were down by the arena were they bring the horses to show them off before the race, they started to head to the track. Something spooked one of the horses he bucked the jockey off, jumped over the rope and headed into the crowd. Everyone started to scream and then a couple more of the horses started to go crazy. Here are some of the pictures of our day. Isn't Ethan cute! He wanted to wear his cowboy outfit. My sister bought him this wrangler outfit for his b-day.

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Karie Lee said...

Looks like fun! I bet you have been a scrapbooking queen lately! Fun stuff!