Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weekend Trip To Califoria

California Adventure
We even saw Santa's reindeer

Us having lunch at the House of Blues @ Downtown Disney

So Pat and I traveled last weekend to California to celebrate my B-day. I can finally say that I have been to ever Disneyland in the WORLD! Yeah! It was a great, very fast weekend. We flew out on Saturday and arrived in California at 10:00 a.m checked in to the hotel and left for Disneyland. We stayed there until 12:00 am. Then Sunday we did California adventure and then went back over to Magic Kingdom. It was nice to got to Disney land but after going to Disney World three weeks ago I would have to say hands down Disney World is soooooooooooo much better. But I have now seen Disney land and it was a nice weekend away for the two of us! Didn't take to many pictures we were very busy hitting all the rides!

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Donnie and Jen Brown said...

wow you guys are world traverlers!!! that is so fun!