Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More T-ball Pictures.

One of the moms made these buckets for each team member it's says Ethan on each side regular and upside down so that if it's up or if he is sitting on it he would be able to see his name!
And Ethan keeps all his baseball gear in it when he is at home!

And he hit's it hard!
Cheering on the other team!


Ethan Running to first

Kids after the game waiting to give the girls high five!

Ethan ready to run under our parent tunnel!

Games over Presley and daddy walking to the car

Last Saturday was a great day for T-ball. It was beautiful outside. We got to the ball-field early and worked with Ethan on hitting. Wow did that make a huge difference. Just that extra 15 minutes and he was slugging it at his game. They played an all girls team called the pink panther princesses. So cute, make me excited to get Presley signed up!

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