Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DisneyLand Day 1

Waiting in line for the Haunted Manson

Presley driving on Autotopia
Ethan receiving his driver's license on Autotopia

Presley and I on the Small World ride.

Pat by himself on Alice and Wonderland. What a sport!:)

Ethan & Parker on Alison & Wonderland ride

Well I guess we can say that we are a pretty hard core Disney family since this is our fourth trip in two years to Disneyland and Disney World! What can I say we just love it! We spent four wonderful days down in Disneyland with two other families! It was such a blast and the kids had a great time traveling with their friends. I thought it would be a little crazy traveling with 6 kids and 6 adults but it wasn't at all; it went very smoothly! I see more trips in the near future with this bunch. Maybe next trip Vegas for the adults!!:)
More photos tomorrow!

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