Monday, June 1, 2009

DisneyLand Day 2

All twelve of us meeting Fantasia Mickey in his house!
The Von Trapps(this is what we called all of the kids on our trip)

Presley and her bf Emma
Cruella and her litter of puppies!

Bert from Mary Poppins! I love how Presley is trying to pose like him!
meeting the Disney Characters
Day two was another great day! The kids got many of the Disney Character's autographs and we went on many rides. We went back to the hotel and 6 and let the kids swim in the pool for about an hour and then we got ready and headed to Downtown Disney for dinner. It was very funny because the kids were dropping off like flies at dinner even before the meals came. By the time we were done with dinner only the two big kids were awake! Needless to say it was a long walk back even though our hotel was right across the street from DL.

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