Monday, July 26, 2010

Gerspacher Cabin

Pat & Presley at Tsillian Winery in Chelan! If you haven't been to this place I highly recommend it! It has amazing food, outdoor seating in the Summer and every Saturday they have a different band playing! You feel like you are almost in Italy when you are there!

Pat's parents came for a few days! Ethan, Pat and Grandma G played goldfish daily! Ethan is really good at any card games! I need to take this kid to Vegas!:)

Presley in Chelan having yummy Maui Sorbet Ice-cream!

Water balloon fight were had

Presley brought her little mermaid dress up dress and I think she had it on half the time we were there!

Many hours were spent at the pool these last 8 days! One day I think we were there for 6 hours straight! My kids might have grown gills!

Presley really enjoys back floating

Ethan and Presley racing from one end to the other! It was so nice having their life vest that we could be in the water with them but also let them have some freedom!

Wow what a great vacation! We spent 8 wonderful days at the Gerspacher Cabin! Every day was spent at the pool, many hours of relaxing! Visiting with Grandpa & Grandma G. We had our good friends the "Bailly's" come and stay with us for 3 days! There was never a dull moment! Water balloon fights, trips to Chelan (not as many as we usually do!) weather in the 90's almost everyday and much, much more!

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