Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Sea Fair Time

Believe it or not when I was a little girl I wanted to fly jet planes! Not a Blue Angel Plane but a F-14 TomCat! ( I think I might have been inspired after watching Top Gun at a young age!) So every year when SeaFair comes around I am giddy to go and watch the planes. It is such a thrill! The kids enjoyed it though I think it will take them a few years to really get into it! If not it's still nice to go and watch and have a picnic! My camera has been acting up again! (not happy about that! I think it might have got sand in the lens from last weeks trip to Alki. So I had to use the manual functions. Which is really hard to do when the planes are breaking the sound barrier!) Anyways it was a great afternoon spent with my dad and my kids!

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