Friday, August 13, 2010

We got Corn Folks!

Finally the good weather is back! Our garden could sure use the sun! Especially to ripen all those green tomatoes! Our corn is now taller than both Pat and I! Out of the 12 stalks three of them so far have corn growing! Hopefully we will get a couple more! But I am excited to also use the stalks after harvest for Halloween/Fall decorations!:)
The pole beans are huge! Everyday we go out and pick some. The kids love eating them raw and I never have any to saute at night! Oh well I shouldn't complain. They are eating their veggies!
And this is the first year we have done Walla Walla Sweet onions! They are almost all the way out of the ground! They are medium sized. I thought they would be a bit bigger, maybe we didn't plants the seed far enough in the ground!

We sure are enjoying all the yummy veggies!

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