Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Dirty 30 in Vegas!

Here are a few pictures of Carrie and I on our Vegas trip for my 30th Birthday!  We had a blast. Actually this was probably one of the best times I have ever had in Vegas!  I am still trying to recover and I have been home for almost a week!
We flew in on a Thursday headed straight to our hotel Planet Hollywood dumped our luggage and headed out. We ate, shopped, did a ton of walking, I gambled a little, we took in a show Viva Elvis!:) and did more shopping!
It was so nice to be able to go out and have nice dinners and not have to get up fifty times during a meal to take someone to the bathroom and to be able to eat a warm meal.  If your a mom you know what I mean. It was also a glorious event to be able to shop and actually go in the dressing room and try things on! Most of the time when I shop here I just take everything home and then have to make a second trip back to do returns if the stuff doesn't fit! Such a pain!
Carrie and I really did VEGAS! I have so many memories that will make me laugh for years to come (Shake Weight Contest!) I am so glad that I got to spend these four days with the best sister ever!  I think I might just have to surprise her and take her for her 40th b-day!
Well I am glad to be home. Though the flight back was horrible.  Nothing like getting food poisoning 20 minutes before you board the plane! I was excited to see Pat and the kids and they were excited to see me.  I think a mommy trip away was much needed!:)

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