Thursday, April 7, 2011

One fun, fast, amazing trip to NY

Just after Dinner the first night in Time Square

30 somethings going on 16! Ha, Ha! Fun posing with mannequins at Forever 21

Jenni & I at Havanas! Amazing food and amazing drinks!

Karissa & I adventuring out to Century 21 on our first full day

Oh the things Jenni makes us do! Bike ride through Central Park

To all the yummy drinks that were drunk

Photo Op in Rockefeller Center

Waiting for the subway that we never ended up taking!

So the day that I got back from Vegas with my sister Jenni proposed to me that I travel with her to NY! I thought Jenni I really can't! I just got back from Vegas and with a trip to Maui this Spring I just thought it wasn't going to be do-able!  Well these girls sure now about to twist my arm! I am soooooo glad that I made the decision to go! Or should I say that my husband would send me off on a second girl trip in less than two months!

Day 1:
  • Flight from Seattle-NJ
  • Town car picked us up at the airport and we traveled to NYC
  • Arrived at our Hotel! The Hilton (great location! one block off of Rockefeller Center!)
  • Headed out to eat in Time Square! (don't recommend this! The food was horrible!)
  • Headed to Havana's bar and had the most amazing Sangria!

Day 2:
  • Slept in
  • Starbucks (Thank goodness we had one in our hotel!)
  • Taxi and off to Century 21. If you ever go to New York you must hit this store! It is a Rack, TJ Max & Marshalls on Steroids!
  • Visited the sight of World Trade Center
  • St. Peters Church and memorial for 9/11
  • Lunch at Elmos! Amazing food, yummy drinks and cute waiters though I think everyone of them was gay!:)
  • Walked to Lime Light Market! It was an old church turned into a market! Super cute
  • Bike Ride through Central Park
  • Drinks at Jekyll and Hyde!
  • Back to the hotel to get ready
  • Movie Premiere-Jenni's sorority sister was a producer of a documentary called Circo!
  • After party at a Belgium Bar
  • Dinner at midnight at the Blue Ribbon Bakery
  • Bed Time

Day 3:
  • Slept In
  • Met Karissa's Brother in Law Mark
  • Walked to Rockefeller Center
  • Walked down 5th Ave
  • Lunch
  • Stood in a very long line of half price tickets in Time Square. It actually only took 35 minutes to get through. We got amazing seats to see Mama Mia!
  • Mama Mia! Was Awesome! The lady that played Donna and the most wonderful voice! It was a great show to see with girl-friends (and it just happened to be the first movie us girls saw together when we first met!)
  • Late Dinner
  • Back to the hotel to pack
  • 3:00 Shuttle supposed to come -I start getting sick over my dinner
  • 2:50 Cancel shuttle
  • sleep for one hour to make tummy feel better
  • 5:00 Taxi back to NJ
  • 7:25 Flight home
It was super busy, crazy fast! Lots of good laughs, amazing shopping! I couldn't think of a better girls weekend with these two crazy girls!

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