Thursday, April 7, 2011

Presley's 5 Years Old

5 years old today! Seems like I just brought her hone from the hospital yesterday

The only thing she really asked for, for her birthday

She loves to play dress up so we got her Barbie Cheer leading outfit with the matching Barbie Dolls

It was her birthday dinner choice to go to the RainForest Cafe

And instead of going home and having cake and ice-cream she wanted Ben & Jerry's right in the middle of the mall

Presley's snack day at Pre-School!

Really I do feel like it was just yesterday that I brought Presley home from the hospital and here she is just last weekend 5 years old! Time goes by way to fast! Even just last week we signed her up for all day Kindergarten!

Here is some of the things Presley enjoys at age 5:

Her favorite thing in the whole world would be CANDY!
She loves to dress-up
She loves to help mom cook,especially bake
She loves animals and would love to have a million of them!
Her favorite food is Mac & Cheese
She talks, and talks and talks!
She loves handbags! Not sure where she get this from!
She has to get dressed the second she gets out of bed!
She is the first to bed and usually the first to rise!
She is very athletic
She loves to sing and dance
and her giggle is contagious!

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