Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Ethan!

I can't believe that Ethan is four today. He is such a little man now! Today we weren't really sure if the weather was going to hold out on us so we decided to do something in doors. Ethan picked to have lunch and play games at Chuckie Cheese. We played many of games and had pizza. Ethan was really good at the air hockey table. He even won when I played him, and I wasn't playing easy! Has is favorite was riding the horses. Bet you could have guessed that!!

When we got home Ethan took a nap, Presley on the other hand decided that today she wasn't going to take a nap and crawled out of her crib for the first time. Guess it's time for a big girl bed. While Ethan napped I began to make his snake cake.

When he woke up it was about 5:30. I thought I was going to make a super special dinner. The birthday boy requested Mac & Cheese. I thought I would make home made, but nope he wanted Kraft out of the box. What a special b-day dinner! Ethan got his apron on and wanted to help. Though I think he wanted to help me out with the cake.

After dinner we opened presents and then had cake! Ethan & Dad are spending time putting all the play mobile pirate ship and treasure chest together!

I thought this was so cute. I finally have been successful with cakes, it's taken four years!
Yikes, don't look at the messy pantry.

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Karie Lee said...

Great cake! Even Shannon is impressed! :)