Sunday, June 13, 2010

Backyard/Gardening Weekly Update

I've decided that I will do a blog update on the backyard project and gardening weekly! It will kind of also act as a gardening journal for next year! :) Still lots of work that needs to be done but here is what we have done so far...

So in this picture above we are taking the cinder blocks and moving them back. Pat is building sort of a retaining wall and then we will level out the dirt and extend the grass out! I am hoping soon that the big tree in the corner will be gone!
Our garden is doing great the snap peas have tripled in size since my last blog post. The pole beans have sprouted and the basil is thriving! (Can't wait to make capresse salad!)
Notice the slug bait? Yes with all the rain the slimy creatures are out and trying to eat my garden!

Another picture of the Snap Peas

Our poor tomatoes! Not doing so well since we have had soooooo much rain. We do have a few blooms on the plants so I am hoping that with our nice weather we are supposed to have this week it will help them out and maybe they will start to look a little more healthy!

Corn! Woohoo! This is our first year of corn. I think for sure like the saying goes "knee high by the fourth of July" will happen! Ethan and Presley are so excited about the corn and they have to make sure every day that our corn is growing!


Meliski said...

This is awesome! I want to do a square foot garden too!! Maybe you can share some tips once we're up and running.

Rebecca/Becky a.k.a Becks said...

Thanks it's been alot of fun! It's all been trial and error! One year we planted Strawberries and it took over the whole planter box! So the next year we took them out!Last year our tomatoes were amazing! Not so sure they will be this year! It's fun and the kids enjoy it so that's all that is important!