Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beautiful Hydrangeas/Garden

Pole Beans are really starting to take off
Tomatoes doing a little better now that we are getting a bit of sun

Corn is doing awesome! So excited

The artichoke is the come back kid! A slug had got a hold of it and we almost pulled it out. But there was one little stem and we thought we would just leave it in. As soon as we put some slug bait around it, it's been thriving!

Lettuce! Already we can reap the rewards of having a garden!

Our Hydrangeas are in full bloom in our backyard! These are such beautiful flowers! I just love them! This will probably be our last year of having them since we are re-doing our backyard! I am hoping that my mom will take the two large plants that we have! Unfortunately I don't have any room for them in the front yard!

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Jody said...

I love love love your garden!! How awesome is that, it is beautiful! Hope you get lots of wondeful veggies from it!